Todd’s Welfare Society – UX case study

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The story dates back to 2010 when a girl, Kiran lost her beloved dog and was unable to trace him even after trying for months. In the process of finding her dog-Todd, she realized how tough it is for animals to survive on the streets when there is no one to look after them. The society we’re living in needs to be educated on animal rights and to practice empathy when it comes to living things.
Todd’s Welfare Society – a shelter for stray animals in need of care came into origin just then, in an effort to make this world a better place for our fellow living species.

The Problem

TWS is a non-profit organization which runs on donations and help from the community therefore the resources are limited. The are animals currently in shelters and foster homes are awaiting adoption. Only by this way, space for new animals in need can be created and the rescued ones can avoid getting back on the streets.
The challenge I have taken up here is to design an experience that will help connect people looking for a new pet, promote adoption culture chanelize the whole process.

Design Process

For this case study I used design thinking framework to help me solve the problem. Design thinking consist of 5 phase. There are: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test.


The main objective is to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for adopters to get in touch with TWS and adopt. I believe this would be a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Educate people on animal rights and promote empathy.
  • Expand the User Pool to help increase the donations.


For this case study I started with some brainstorming, deducing results from my own experience with pets and adoptions to running a short survey around asking about the needs and wants of people with pets or the potential adopters. Below are the few questions which helped me collect data from a diverse pool :

  • How important it is for you to get a pet of a fancy breed?
  • Would you prefer adoption over buying a pet?
  • Do you know of any places offering adoption so far?
  • What would be your ideal process to adopt a pet?
  • Would you consider sponsoring an animal?
  • Would you prefer a virtual introduction to the pet over a visit?

Data Sorting

Based on the user interview’s results, here are some pain points that users have been experienced when it comes to pets adoption :
– Unaware if there are any animal shelters. 
– Lack of transparency & accountability when it comes to donations.
– No detailed or sorted information of the animals up for adoption. 



Based on the defined problem, I plan to design a mobile application that contains complete information about animals that are ready for adoption. This application will also boost the User pool, increase donations & sponsors.

Prototype & Testing

Based on the User Research as well as the wireframes, the interface below represents the outcome of design ideas in sync with the existing brand identity.
It includes the experience of basic screens to give the look and feel of the whole application.
Direct User testing will be carried out once the application is complete in terms of data information.


This project is very close to my heart because the cause is something I personally understand and care about. I plan to add more value to it in the future and introduce it as a solution to curb all these issue.